Welcome to Life Resolutions Australia!

Life Resolutions is a psychology-centric organisation, made up of Australia’s largest network of qualified psychologists, that provides quality counselling services throughout Australia. All counselling services by us are confidential and offered by qualified, supportive and compassionate psychologists.

Where Are We?

One of our biggest goals is to make psychology services easily accessible in Australia and successfully integrated with the locals and communities (Scroll down to ‘Our Focus’ to read more about how we approach this!).

As such, our practices are located in most major cities in Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, including surrounding suburbs. What’s more, our practices are open 6 days and offer late nights to best suit your schedule.

Please click here for a full list of our locations, or call us on 1300 668 256 if you need assistance finding a specific location.

What Issues Do We Help With?

Life Resolutions psychologists approach clients with the attitude that ‘no problem is too big or too small,’ and can provide help with a range of issues:

Family Counselling
Life Coaching
Mental Illness
Pain Management
Self Esteem
Sports Psychology
Weight Management
Anger Management
Career Counselling
Eating Disorders
Grief & Loss
Life Issues
Men’s Health
Postnatal Depression
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Bullying
Child Counselling
Marriage Counselling
Organisational Consulting
Relationship Advice
Terminal Illness
Workplace Issues

Please click on the links to read about specific issues and how counselling can help, or call us on 1300 668 256 for more informatiton.

Our Focus

Life Resolutions has big ambitions to grow as an organisation and branch out further and further to make our services reachable by people of all ages and backgrounds. While connecting with like-minded individuals and companies is an important aspect of our goal, our core values and missions remain intact:

  • Demystify psychology;
  • Break down the barriers to getting help and reduce stigma;
  • Provide a platform for passionate engagement;
  • Create an environment of enjoyment and positive communication.

How Do We Do This?

1. It’s All About the Clients!
Big organisations can sometimes forget about the little details, and risk abandoning the most important aspects of the service they provide. Life Resolutions appreciates this challenge and continually shows that providing the highest standards in psychological care to our clients is our biggest focus.

pic1We accommodate the clients by giving them a range of ways to connect to us – by phone, email, in person. Our Client Relationship Team (your first point of contact when calling us) consists of professional and compassionate staff who go through appropriate training. The staff, while sensitive to each client’s issues and questions, are motivated to assure them that there is no feeling of shame in contacting us.

Life Resolutions also encourages the clients to speak to us, whether it is positive feedback about the psychologists, complaints about our services, or general feedback about their experience as a whole. The comfort of the clients, and their perception that our services are assisting them, are what we strive for. And this takes us to the next point:

2. Facilitating the Growth of Our Psychologists
In order to keep providing the highest standards of counselling services, Life Resolutions commits itself to supporting the growth of our psychologists.

The psychology industry is ever-evolving with new research findings and potential ideas to implement the best possible methods of helping people. Life Resolutions assists the psychologists in keeping up to date with the world of psychology, and appreciates the value of their passion for knowledge and continuing interest in the academic aspects of counselling.

One of the most essential ways of achieving our psychologists’ continued development is by connection to others in the network. Life Resolutions uses Australia’s leading softwares that provide a platform for the psychologists to connect and share ideas. And the team behind the scene is always striving to seek the best possible ways to facilitate the interconnection within our network.

3. Connecting with Other Organisations
Life Resolutions believes in the value of organisations coming together to achieve a common goal. With big dreams such as ours (of making our counselling services accessible by all), it is essential to keep a modest attitude and share assistance when needed.

This applies to our connection to the Australian Psychological Society, keeping intact the values that are not pic2only specific to us but that also apply to the APS Code of Ethics.
Life Resolutions also aims to work with local businesses and organisations. We believe in supporting the community as a whole and helping each other grow.

Our connection to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers also ensures that we can reach a more diverse range of people who may not have considered seeking counselling help without EAP.

4. Getting Involved
Our psychologists do not shy away from giving out information. We believe in providing an extensive amount of information about issues such as stress, anger management, and anxiety, so that our clients have enough assistance to make a decision whether to see a psychologist. We are committed to the betterment of the health of Australians as a whole, as well as individuals. This is one of the ways we use to get involved in the community and include those who may be feeling unsure about their well-being.

Our psychologists also do not hesitate to participate in, and spread knowledge about, national awareness campaigns such as the ‘R U OK?’ day. By using a range of social media sites, posters and brochures, we strive to get involved in events that help us develop together as a community and break down barriers to getting help.

It’s OK to Call Us

Life can be tough and it can take down even the strongest person in the world. Life Resolutions psychologists are here to assist you to overcome life’s hurdles, and attend to your stories and emotions with a keen heart that wants to see you succeed.

Call us on 1300 668 256 for more information.