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Getting enough sleep in integral in maintaining good physical, emotional and mental health

Life Resolution’s Tips on Improving your Sleep

·        Keep caffeine to a minimum – caffeine is a stimulant, meaning that it keeps you awake and reduces your quality of sleep. Therefore, it is important to try to avoid caffeinated products for around six hours before bed (depending on your tolerance levels). Caffeine is generally found in coffee, many teas, chocolate and some medications.

·        Reduce alcohol intake – while alcohol may sometimes make you sleepy, after a few hours, it acts as a stimulant, leading to a decrease in the quality of sleep later in the night. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your alcohol intake to a minimum and to avoid binge drinking.

·        Establish a bedtime routine – creating a routine that can calm down your mind and body and prepare you for sleep is a great way to increase both the amount and the quality of sleep. Everyone’s routine varies depending on personal preference; however, a few good activities include light reading, taking a warm bath or shower, write in a diary, or even try a light yoga or meditation session. The most important thing is to avoid stress-inducing activities such as work or study.

·        Make your bedroom a sleep optimised space – creating a calm and inviting environment does wonder in improving your sleep. Invest in a comfy bed and sheets, avoid working in your room, keep a stable temperature – whatever works for you.

·        Exercise during the day – exercise is a great way to promote restful sleep; however, it is best to exercise in the morning or during the day as it releases an alerting mechanism in the brain, making it harder to fall asleep straight away, so it is good to avoid heavy exercise two to three hours before sleep.

·        Keep at it – don’t give in after a few nights of trying, developing routine sleeping habits will help your body to know when it is time for sleep, helping you to achieve quality sleep in the long-term

·        Seek professional help if you need it – if none of these techniques works for you, a professional psychologist is able to provide you with in-depth behavioural sleep management treatment to help you to get the quality sleep your need and deserve.

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