Mary Magalotti’s Advice on Strengthening Your Relationship Through Couples Communication Coaching

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Mary Magalotti

Despite what you may see on your social media feed or in films, no relationship is perfect. At Life Resolutions, we understand the difficulties that couples face. We know that, while having a partner can bring your life joy and provide a new perspective to view the world, many couples struggle with having differing opinions, values and personality types. Having differences is often what brings excitement to a relationship; however, it can also bring difficulties and conflict.

We believe that open and transparent communication is often the key to overcoming these difficulties and having a happy, long-lasting and functional relationship. This is why we offer Couples Communication Coaching for both individuals and couples.

Whether you are facing conflict in your relationship or would like to build a strong base of effective communication and mutual understanding for your relationship, so you and your partner are equipped to handle any difficulties that arise in the future, Couples Communication Coaching could help you. Our experienced psychologists at Life Resolutions can provide the tools and support to you and your loved one to create a long-lasting and healthy relationship based on communication.

Mary Magalotti’s Tips on Improving your Communication:

  • Listen – listen carefully to what your partner has to say and remember to consider where they are coming from if you have differing views, taking time to fully consider their words before replying.
  • Honesty – trust is an integral component of any relationship, and lying can wear down that trust and create conflict.
  • Respect and appreciation – especially during the hard times, it is always essential to maintain respect and appreciation for your partner. Remember why you love them a keep these feels close to you even during the bad times.
  • Seek support when necessary – Understand when a new perspective is needed to help resolve problems. A qualified psychologist can provide an unbiased viewpoint that takes into account the variables and to offer appropriate advice and support to your relationship.

Seek Support from Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions

If you and your partner are going through any difficulties, Couples Communication Coaching can help you. The Life Resolutions team can offer exceptional services to help you and your loved one to build a strong base for your relationship and get through the hard times.

To book in an appointment, contact our team today. Alternatively, for more information on our services at Life Resolution or about our principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti, visit our website.


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