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Alcohol and drugs represent the most addictive substances in the world and are responsible for the destruction of countless lives. Addiction to these substances is completely normal but should be addressed immediately to prevent harm.

People with mild alcohol and drug problems are generally able to change their behaviour relatively easily, by going ‘cold turkey’, with the help of friends and family or by seeking support from professionals and support groups. However, when people have severe drug and alcohol addictions, they may require more intense treatment to help them to overcome the addiction.

However, it is important to understand that no matter how sever an addiction may be, one can overcome it with the right professional help. If you, or someone you know is dealing with substance addiction, our Psychologist at Life Resolutions can help you to cope with, reduce and overcome your addiction though our counselling services.

Common Symptoms and Behaviour Associated with Drug Addiction

  • Constantly having intense urge to use a drug
  • Taking increasingly larger quantities of drugs
  • Choosing to spend money on drugs, even when you can’t afford to
  • Continuing to use a drug when it is causing problems in your life or causing you physical or psychological harm
  • Being unable to stop using the drug
  • Having intense withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop taking the drug

Common Symptoms Associated with Alcohol Addiction Are:

  • Regular temporary blackouts when you drink
  • Experiencing short-term memory loss
  • Increased feelings of irritability
  • Making excuses for drinking behaviour
  • Distancing yourself from friends and family
  • Drinking alone
  • Feeling constantly lethargic and hungover
  • Experiencing dehydration and headaches on a daily basis

Do not let alcohol or drug addiction take control of your life, seek support when you need it. Our experienced and passionate psychologists provide each of their clients with tailor-made solutions designed to suit their specific situation, helping each client to fully recover from addiction.

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