Jodie Brenton on Seeing the Hope at the Other End of Depression

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Depression is an extremely prevalent issue in Australia, affecting over a million people every year. Depression can affect anyone and anyone, at any point in their life. Therefore, it is integral to remove the taboos of being depressed, so that people feel comfortable to seek help when they need it.

Jodie Brenton- Learning How to Deal with Depression

The first step to dealing with depression is to identify and accept the fact that you are depressed. In doing this, you give yourself permission to seek support and to heal. At Life Resolutions, we can help you to do this. We can provide you with the support to feel comfortable in acknowledging to yourself that you may be depressed. Once you have done this, you are on the path to recovery.

After this, it is important to find your support base, your friends and family members that care and love you. Having strong connections with others helps people to maintain stability during the healing process. However, if you do not have an accessible support network, this is normal too. In this case, we recommend you seek the support of a psychologist who connects with support groups.

Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions on Depression

Our CEO and Director, Jodie Brenton understands the immense struggle of depression as a result of her many years being involved in the psychology industry. She believes that no one deserves to have their life disrupted due to depression. Therefore, Jodie Brenton is dedicated to ensuring that Life Resolutions offers its clients high-quality and easily accessible services to treat and manage depression.

Jodie urges anyone experiencing depression or struggling with their mental health to seek support now. While is it difficult to take that first step, the outcome is worth it.

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