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Life Resolutions on Social Isolation

While time alone at home can often be relaxing and even therapeutic, many people struggle to cope when they are forced to spend extended periods of time alone. This struggle is becoming increasingly prevalent in Australia, and across the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the strict social isolation restrictions that it has bought. Therefore, Mary Magalotti and the Life Resolutions team have come up with some tips to help people to cope through this difficult time.

Tips on keeping mentally well during extended time periods alone:

1.         Develop and stick to a routine

Many people are developing increased levels of anxiety due to the changes this year has thrown their way, and an excess of anxiety can negatively affect a person’s mental, physical and emotional health. Sticking to a routine can aid in keeping anxiety at bay and providing a sense of normality to life.

3.         Limit your consumption of alcohol

Alcohol may be tempting during this time, but when drunk in excess, it can have serious negative effects on a person’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Therefore, it is best practice to limit consumption to small amounts.

4.         Keep physically active

Exercise works wonders when it comes to anxiety and mental health, even if it is just to walk around the block. During these times, it is best to get out of the house at least once a day and move your body.

5.         Get enough sleep

Sleep couldn’t be more critical to our health, as it’s during these precious hours that our body works to repair cells and support healthy brain function. Moreover, lack of sleep impairs our immune system, and even a couple of hours can make all the difference.

7.         Keep social in any way you can

It is important to keep social during social isolation – spend quality time with the people you live with, go for socially distanced walks with friends and schedule regular FaceTimes or phone calls. Everyone is in the same boat, so reaching out to friends and family for a chat can be greatly appreciated on both sides.

Seek Support from Life Resolutions

If you are experiencing difficulties in coping with social isolation, it is integral to seek professional support.

To book in an appointment, contact our team today. Alternatively, for more information on our services at Life Resolution or about our principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti, visit our website. To know more about Mary Magalotti please visit HERE.

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