How to Help a Loved One Overcome Depression

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Mary Magalotti

Seeing a loved one dealing with depression can be extremely painful and even frustrating, and one of the most common questions we get asked at Life Resolutions is how to support someone with depression. Here is our brief guide on how to do this.

  1. Be sensitive – Do not judge the actions of someone dealing with depression because this will only make them feel worse about their condition.
  2. Be there for them – Demonstrate that you are physically and mentally present in their life and are there to support them in getting better.
  3. Show you love and care for them – Simply showing that you care for that person can have a considerable impact – try cooking them a meal, or even sending a card reminding them how much you love them. 
  4. Do not undermine their struggle – Minimising someone’s pain will only aggravate what they are feeling, so never invalidate their pain.
  5. Listen – Often, a depressed person simply needs someone to listen. So, try to little to their struggle without giving advice, but rather ask them how you can help.
  6. Educate yourself – Educating yourself on depression equips you to better support your loved ones experiencing it.
  7. Be patient – Understand that overcoming depression is no easy or fast feat, so be patient with the journey of your loved one.
  8. Refrain from making comparisons – Unless you have experienced symptoms of depression before, do not compare your life experiences.
  9. Encourage them to seek professional help – Depression must be taken seriously, and it is always best practice to encourage your loved one to seek professional support. However, it is important that they take this first step themselves – unless the situation is dire, try to simply encourage and help them to seek help, not to force them.

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