What to do When COVID-19 Puts Your Marriage on the Rocks

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Mary Magalotti on the pressures COVID-19 has put on Marriages

The year 2020 has been a year full of stress, anxiety and frustration for many Australians. Furthermore, with social isolation restrictions and lockdowns in place across the country and the majority of people working from home, people are spending more time than ever along with their family, housemates and partners. With all of these factors combined, it is no surprise that many marriages and relationships have felt the pressure during this time, with many couples even splitting up as a result of the difficulties COVID-19 has presented to their relationship.

However, Mary Magalotti and the team at Life Resolutions firmly believe in the power of love and seek to provide support to couples to overcome their difficulties and relationship bumps through our Marriage Counselling services.

Fight for your marriage with Life Resolutions

Our counselling services can help to restore the trust, open communication and honesty within relationships and re-spark the flame. Couples and marriage counselling works to strengthen relationships by providing a safe space for open and honest communication and helps to remind partners of the passion and love that bought them together in the first place.

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Seek Support from Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions

If your relationship is on the rocks at the moment, do not give in straight away, Marriage Counselling could be the boost that you and your partner need to reconnect and mend the relationship. Mary Magalotti and the Life Resolutions team provide specialist couples counselling services and have the skills and strategies to support couples to overcome their problems and strengthen their relationships.

To book in an appointment, contact our team today. Alternatively, for more information on our services at Life Resolution or about our principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti, visit our website.

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