Jodie Brenton’s Advice on Getting Through the Stresses of COVID-19

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The effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of Australians

This year has seen a substantial rise in the demand for mental health support through both online help services and psychology clinics, showing that the year 2020 is severely grinding on the mental well-being of Australians and people across the world. The Black Dog Institute identified large increases in the prevalence of depression, anxiety, financial stress, panic, confusion and anger due to the pandemic, with certain population groups being at a higher risk of experiencing these feeling, including healthcare workers, those in quarantine and unemployed or casual workers.

Jodie Brenton’s tips to stay mentally healthy amid a pandemic

With the risk of mental illness heightened over this challenging year, Jodie Brenton and the Life Resolutions team believe that now more than ever, it is incredibly important to engage in practices to maintain mental well-being.

While this is a highly personal process, a few practices that are proven to improve mental health include;

  • Socialising and connecting with friends and family – even if it is over the phone or at a 1.5-metre distance.
  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet – physical and mental health are heavily intertwined, so in order to keep a healthy mind, you should care for your body, and vice versa.
  • Getting enough sleep – this is integral to maintaining a healthy mind, try to aim for seven to eight hours every night.
  • Get out and exercise –exercising is an excellent form of stress relief, and in 2020 has provided plenty of stress.
  • Seek professional support if necessary – this year has been one of incredible difficulty, so do not be afraid to seek help if you or someone you know if struggling. The team at Life Resolutions is here to help.

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