Life Resolutions on Dealing with the Stress of a Global Pandemic

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The Stresses of 2020 and COVID-19

People all across the world are dealing with more stress than ever due to COVID-19 pandemic. While this is absolutely normal and expected during a global trauma, it should be addressed to prevent any severe ramifications to people’s mental health and overall well-being.

Whether it is due to loss of work, financial stresses, the loss or illness of a loved one, difficulties working or studying from home, the lack of socialisation or any other factor, 2020 has provided its fair share to stress to Australians. And at Life Resolutions, we offer the services to help people to overcome these difficult and stress-inducing experiences.

Stress Counselling at Life Resolutions

At Life Resolutions, we offer exceptional stress counselling services to help our clients to overcome the many difficulties and stress-inducing situations that the pandemic has forced onto their lives. Our skilled mental health professionals can provide the support to overcome severe stress and anxiety and provide mechanisms to help clients to deal with any stress they experience in the future.

We also understand that even leaving the house can be a stressful activity amid the panic and uncertainty of COVID-19, so we are offering Telehealth services, meaning our clients can access our mental health services without leaving their home.

Contact Life Resolutions Today

If the COVID-19 pandemic has created severe stress in the life of yourself or someone you care for, do not hesitate to seek professional support. When left unchecked, stress can be all-consuming and can lead to the development of other mental, physical and emotional problems. Therefore, the Life Resolutions team is dedicated to offering services to help people to cope with and overcome stress and urge people to seek support if at all necessary.

Head to our website to book in an in-person or Telehealth appointment with our friendly Life Resolutions team.

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