NDIS and Mental Health Support – How Does it Work?

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, is a way of funding care and support for Australians living with disabilities. NDIS helps participants access everything from health services to community support – the NDIS is designed to be an all-encompassing funding provider for those with a disability.

Of course, mental health support is a crucial part of good health and wellness – and those with a disability are more likely to struggle with mental illness. They are also less likely to receive appropriate treatment and support for their mental health condition.

Through the NDIS, additional counselling, therapy, and psychology services are available for participants to access through their customised plan. Supports are aimed at building up clients’ support networks, boosting social and community engagement, and empowering the individual towards independence.

NDIS Counselling at Life Resolutions

Jodie Brenton has been working with Life Resolutions for over twenty years and has seen many changes to the way Australians access mental health support. However, the unveiling of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been one of the biggest (and most welcome!) changes.

At Life Resolutions, we are passionate about providing personalised treatment, support, and care – we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to mental health. With the help of our NDIS psychologists, we aim to ascertain and meet the unique needs of all our clients.

We know that often, physical accessibility is a barrier for those with a disability – through our telehealth service, all clients can now receive the same, high-quality care from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Jodie believes that mental health care is a necessity, not a luxury. Compassionate and skilled counselling can be transformative – through Life Resolutions, NDIS psychology empowers those with a disability to live purposeful and fulfilling lives.

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Jodie and her team are passionate about the importance of high-quality mental health care for all. We believe that with the help of Life Resolutions and the NDIS, Australians with a disability will no longer miss out on the support they deserve.

Want to learn more about how Life Resolutions can support you? Check out our website for more information on the work Jodie and the team do. You can also contact us to book an appointment or chat to one of our friendly team about the services we offer.

Talk to us today about NDIS mental health support – we’re here to help.

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