Australians with a Disability and the Holiday Season

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With less than a month to go until Christmas, many people have festivities on their mind. Delicious food, time with family, and gift-giving are things many of us look forward to all year. However, for the four million Australians who live with a disability, the holiday season can also be a tough time.

Small things that people normally take for granted, such as dinners with co-workers, can become a challenge. If disability access in venues is not adequate, it can be easy to feel left out. Additionally, the added planning and scheduling that you have to do can cause stress and anxiety, especially if others do not make suitable allowances.

If you are autistic, you might find the holiday season difficult due to sensory overload or social anxiety. Many autistic people struggle with the bright lights of Christmas decorations and the loud talking of people over dinner.

The holiday season is tough for many different people, for many different reasons. Feelings of joy and excitement may intermix with feelings of anxiety and worry. For others, the festive season might be a time of loneliness or isolation. Many Australians struggle with these difficult feelings, and it is important to remember that help is available if you are struggling.

How NDIS Counselling Can Help

Jodie Brenton, our Life Resolutions Director, knows that the holidays can be a tough time for Australians who live with a disability. As part of our passion for accessible mental health care for all, we are now offering an NDIS counselling service for Australians with disabilities.

With the help of specialist NDIS psychologists, you can reduce your feelings of anxiety, find new strategies to manage difficult feelings, and generally be supported in your journey towards independence. Our NDIS counsellors know that people with disabilities face unique challenges and are committed to understanding the needs and goals of all of our clients.

At Life Resolutions, we are committed to making the Christmas season an easier time for all.

Contact Our NDIS Psychologist Today

Looking for quality NDIS counselling for disability? No matter what you are facing, Jodie and the Life Resolutions team are here to help. Visit us in our Essendon counselling clinic, or try our telehealth psychology service, where you can talk to a professional counsellor online or over the phone.

Want to learn more about Life Resolutions and NDIS mental health support? Check out our website for more about Jodie and the Life Resolutions team. You can also contact us to book an appointment and speak to our friendly team.

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