How NDIS Counselling Helps With Disability and Stigma

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Although studies estimate that around four million Australians, or 18% of the population, have a disability, discrimination and stigma continue to affect the lives of disabled people. From difficulty accessing appropriate care and support to prejudice from others in everyday life, to bullying in schools and the workplace, living with a disability has many emotional challenges.

If you or someone you love is affected by disability-based discrimination, it is important to remember that help and support is available.

How Discrimination Affects Mental Health

Although discrimination based on disability is illegal in Australia, those who live with a disability continue to be affected by the harmful beliefs and attitudes of others. The Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (CRE-DH) reported that 14% of people with a disability report experiencing discrimination – this figure rises to 20.4% for people aged 15 to 24.

The CRE-DH also reported a strong correlation between disability-based discrimination and adverse health outcomes – those who reported higher levels of discrimination also indicated lowered physical and mental health on a self-reported scale. As stigma and discrimination can be a barrier to obtaining and maintaining work or study, those with a disability often face further socio-economic disadvantage. These factors combined mean that those with disabilities are more likely to suffer from mental health issues that affect their general wellbeing and are also less likely to receive accessible support.

Living with a disability in a world filled with prejudice can be highly stressful and emotionally exhausting, and the assistance of a professional counsellor can help you manage difficult feelings and situations, and provide advice when things are hard.

Seeking Support with NDIS Counselling at Life Resolutions

Our Life Resolutions Founder and Director, Jodie Brenton, knows the importance of high-quality mental health support. Through our Life Resolutions NDIS counselling and mental health support service, we hope to help Australians from all walks of life with whatever they are facing.

Our experienced NDIS psychologists are available for NDIS claimable counselling at our Essendon psychology clinic, or through our telehealth services. Jodie is committed to ensuring mental health support is accessible to all, so you can talk to a counsellor online or over the phone with Life Resolutions.

Life Resolutions Australia

Ready to book an appointment with our NDIS psychology team? Speak to us at our Essendon counselling centre or head to our bookings page today. You can also read more about Jodie Brenton, the Life Resolutions team, and all the work we do to support Australians with disabilities by visiting us on our website.

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