Jodie Brenton Making Telehealth Support Accessible

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Those living in regional and rural Australia struggle to access mental health services. This is one of the reasons telehealth is so important. It makes mental health support accessible to all Australians.Our Director, Jodie Brenton has worked tirelessly to ensure that all Australians can access mental health services despite their location.  Additionally, our head psychologist Mary Magalotti and the team of Life Resolutions psychologists aim to provide quality and tailored counselling to those who access our services.

Regional/Rural Mental Health

The National Rural Health Alliance found that mental health concerns similar across urban and rural communities, but concerns such as self harm increases the further away one lives from the city.

The suicide rate for men aged 15-29 in regional areas is double that of those living in urban areas. It is suggested that this due to the lack of support available in these areas. Thus, showing the need for things such as telehealth

Chronic pain and social isolation are also more common. These can negatively mental wellbeing of these individuals.

There are half the amount of phycologists in rural communities than urban communities.

All of the statistics above show the need for accessible telehealth appointments with experienced mental health practitioners. Jodie Brenton has worked hard to ensure that all of the Life Resolutions psychologists are available for telehealth consultations. Our services can be conducted via video call or telephone call, to ensure that you can access our services without relying on an internet connection.

Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti both strive to ensure that all Australians can access the mental health support they need, no matter their location.

For more information on our telehealth appointment and our services, visit our website. You can also book online or over the phone.

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