Play Therapy Improving Child Mental Health

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For children, play time is more important than you may know. Psychologists often use Play Therapy as a safe, non-threatening way to help children cope with their emotions, engage in positive social interactions or recover from traumatic experiences. Play is also proven to help children’s overall development by engaging physical and psychological elements. For this reason, many educators around the world encourage play for young students.

Our head psychologist, Mary Magalotti and the Life Resolutions team of psychologists are experienced in child development and play therapy. Our Director, Jodie Brenton encourages the Life Resolution team to use research-based techniques to aid childhood development.

Understanding ‘Play’

Toys are used to encourage play that is fun and engaging. At first, the play will be open-ended. The child is allowed to play in any way that does not cause harm to people or things.
As play continues, the psychologists will begin direct the play and deal with specific issues, encouraging the child to join in certain activities or use selected toys. This can include specific scenarios being created or asking the child to show different emotions.

How does play therapy help?

Play Therapy helps children in many ways, including:

  • Expression of emotion
  • Encouraging creative thinking and new ideas.
  • Help improve decision-making skills.
  • Encourage out of the box thinking.
  • Developing communication skills.
  • Enabling healing after traumatic experiences.
  • Teaching social skills and selflessness

Play Therapy is not simply meaningless playing. It needs a trained therapist who can create a safe and secure environment and promote beneficial, therapeutic interactions.

If you know a child who is experiencing stress or trauma, needs help expressing emotions or demonstrates inappropriate behaviour, Jodie Brenton recommends getting in-touch with Life Resolutions. Our therapists can facilitate healing through tailored Play Therapy sessions. Mary Magalotti and the Life Resloutions team of psychologists are here to help your child become happy and healthy.

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