The Importance of Sport in Childhood Development

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A child’s development is very important. Did you know sport can help improve childhood growth and development? The Australian Department of Health suggests that sport benefits a child’s physical and psychological development.

Our Director, Jodie Brenton works hard to ensure that all Australians no matter their ages can access services to help their mental development, including kids. Our head psychologist, Mary Magalotti and our team of Life Resolutions psychologists aim to provide a high level of support within the childhood counselling scope.

At Life Resolutions, we aim to understand all aspects of a child’s development. Below we discuss the impacts that sport can have on a child’s psychological development.

Benefits of Sport for Children

Coping skills for the wins and losses of life

Sport can help children develop skills to cope with and understand the highs and lows of life. Sport provides the opportunity for children to learn resilience while experiencing these highs and lows. Resilience is an important skill to handle life and maintain a strong level of mental wellbeing.


Sport helps kids connect with one another as well as learning other social skills such as empathy, selflessness and teamwork. Sport also helps foster these skills in a fun and engaging environment. Sport also provides a strong sense of belonging and inclusion for children. This can help develop their social identity and expand their social group outside of the school or home interactions.

Physiological and Psychological Benefits

Simulating the part of the brain associated with movement will help strengthen connections within the brain. Physical activity can also help regulate and balance chemicals in the brain. Physical activity is good for everyone’s brain, but can be very beneficial for children.

Involvement in sport can benefit a child’s development. Here at Life Resolutions, Jodie Brenton aspires to provide access to mental health services for all Australians, regardless of their age. Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists provide childhood counselling to help children throughout their psychological development and ensure mental wellbeing.

For more information on our childhood counselling or our range of other services, visit our website. Booking services can be accessed online or over the phone.

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