About Life Resolutions

Established in 2001, Life Resolutions is a national group of psychologists and allied mental health practitioners. We have a strong commitment to providing Australians of all ages and backgrounds with the highest standards in counselling and professional care. Our therapists in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and surrounding regions are highly qualified and experienced in assisting clients to live the healthier and happier lives they deserve.

One of our core beliefs is that every person in Australia has an inherent right to feel valued, worthwhile, and at peace with their lives. We understand that everyone, no matter where they’re coming from, may at some point in their lives benefit from professional psychological support, assistance and advice. Our aim is to help our clients overcome life’s hurdles, from grief and depression to addiction and behavioural problems; whatever you’re faced with, we’re on your side.

There are many Life Resolutions practices and affiliates across Australia, fully equipped and ready to respond to your needs. To find our more or to book your initial appointment at your closest location, call 1300 668 256 now. (NB: All telephone enquiries are confidential).

What makes us different?

Over the years we have come to understand the complex journeys individuals like you go through and have tailored our services with this knowledge in mind. We work hard to make your experience and journey as frictionless as possible. We take great pride in each and every person we help.

Of course, our psychologists at our Life Resolutions practices are required to maintain compliance with the highest standards in psychological care.

We will always provide a nurturing, caring, compassionate and supportive environment for our clients.

Life Resolutions practices are open late nights and Saturdays, so you can speak to a psychologist or counsellor when it suits your schedule.

Our highly personalised approach means you get the right care for your needs.

Call us now on 1300 668 256 to find out how we can help.