Are you confident in yourself?

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Are you confident in yourself?

It is normal for everyone to experience low self esteem and confidence at some point in their life however feeling good about yourself is one of the main parts of your psychological well-being and although adults often experience a lack in self esteem and confidence it is important that adolescence knock the negative opinions of themselves on the head before it becomes a problem that sticks with them into their adulthood.

It is common to develop low self-esteem or confidence during times of stress, or failure, and can be based on other people’s opinions of us. However it’s important to remember that these opinions that others and ourselves make are just opinions and not facts!

Low self esteem and confidence has many signs and symptoms you should look out for including:

  • Feeling depressed, guilty, ashamed
  • Doubt and lack of confidence in your abilities
  • Self-criticising, blaming and putting yourself down
  • Avoiding challenges or social interactions due to fear of failure
  • Sensitive to criticism

It is crucial to uncover the source of the problem so that you can address your SELF ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE issue early. Early intervention is key to recovery and speaking with a Life Resolutions Psychologist at Coburg will help you understand why you feel the way you do and put in place a ACTION PLAN to form a positive view on yourself.

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