News Articles:

1. Digital Disruption the biggest contributor to workplace stress

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Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions

Our Director, Mary Magalotti speaks about Digital Disruption and Workplace Stress. Read More Here.

2.  Stress and Tiredness affecting large percentage of Australian leaders

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Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions

Our CEO, Mrs Jodie Brenton speaks about Stress and Tiredness affecting a large percentage of Australian Leaders. Read More Here.

Blog Articles:

1. Helping your Child cope with back to School Anxiety

In our guide Helping your child cope with back to school anxiety (pdf) we outline some practical tips and strategies to help your child prepare for the first day of school.

2. Grief and Loss – Advice for Widows in the Early Stages of Bereavement

In our guide Grief and Loss – Advice for Widows in the Eearly Stages of Bereavement (pdf) we examine the financial issues that often confront widows in the early stages of bereavement and provide some advice and recommendations to deal with these pressures during this difficult time.