Who we are

Principal Psychologist

Alex Caterjian | Principal Psychologist

The Life Resolutions Barangaroo practice is a new and growing practice thriving on servicing the Barangaroo, Sydney CBD and surrounding areas. We currently have highly experienced Clinical & Registered Psychologists, covering a wide range of issues and mental health concerns.

At Life Resolutions we work closely with the allied health community particularly General Practitioners. Our purpose is to provide true patient centric care, this is achieved by aligning ourselves particularly with GP’s in order to deliver true collaborative health care by proximity and strength in human relationships.

You can find us at the MyHealth Barangaroo Medical Centre located at: Level 1, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, NSW, 2000.

We are located in the amazing Myhealth Barangaroo Medical Centre, a stone’s throw from the wharf, with plenty of surrounding cafes and coffee shops. Wynyard Station pathway is conveniently located within a 1-minute walk from our premises, so you won’t have to walk far. The Barangaroo practice has been established by the principal Psychologists, Alex Caterjian, who has over 10 years’ experience as a Clinical Psychologist, and Michelle Opacic, a highly experienced Psychologist running her practice in Sydney’s Western Suburbs for the past 17 years.

To make an appointment, call 1300 668 256.

How We Work

Consulting Room | Life Resolutions Barangaroo

After you book your first session with our friendly Customer Relationship Team, the psychologist who you’ve been matched with will call you to introduce her/himself, so that you will have a brief chance to meet with him/her and generally touch base before your scheduled appointment.

On arrival at our consulting rooms at Life Resolutions Barangaroo, we will ask you to fill out a registration form. Once completed, your psychologist will take you from the waiting area to the consulting room.

The first consult is set up so that we get a good idea of the reason you’ve come to see us. It also provides us with the opportunity to collect some of the background information needed to tailor a unique treatment plan.  We’re all good listeners at this Practice and have a lot of experience at finding the best approach to help you, suited to your individual needs. We truly appreciate your openness and honesty during this session, as we know this can be a very challenging time for you.

Why we do what we do

Most of the problems we experience are variations of what we might call “the human condition” – i.e. life can sometimes be difficult! However, when you are able to live the life you want and be the person you want to be, then life just naturally becomes healthier and happier. We use a range of different therapeutic approaches, usually in a variety of combinations, to meet your individual needs.

We will listen to you and let you tell your story.

Our core understanding is that the therapeutic relationship is all-important and vital if we are to serve you best. Decisions such as how often to attend consultations, how many consultations, and what to discuss during consultations are critical in developing and maintaining a good working relationship with you. These decisions are always made in collaboration with you and are ultimately always your choice, dependent on the level of complexity and what will be most helpful to, and for, you.


Our mission at Life Resolutions Barangaroo is to help you help yourself.