Workplace bullying, Don’t stand for it!

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At some stage in your career, you may experience workplace bullying. Whilst there are laws in place to protect you, it is still easy to experience workplace bullying, and it is important for you to know you are not alone.

Whilst we can’t stop the workplace bullying you are experiencing, we can provide you with the tools to seek help and the tools to teach you how to manage your reactions better, to make better decisions, to help you identify your options, and to reach some sort of resolution to the bullying scenario.

Some of these strategies include helping you to manage your anxiety and mood, being more confident and assertive and learning how to take back your power and no longer tolerate being bullied.

When to seek help:

  • Co-workers changing your work schedule
  • Excluding you from specific people or activities
  • Giving you jobs that are impossible to complete
  • Intimidation
  • Playing mind games

Workplace bullying can impact on you negatively and make you become less active or impede your career progression through feeling less confident about yourself and your skills. You may become anxious, which can lead to developing physical stress symptoms such as headaches.

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