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Everyone is capable of feeling sadness, and we’ve all experienced being sad, low, and moody one way or another. Depending on the circumstance, we may feel down and depressed for a particular period of time. Afterwards, we normally pick ourselves up and somehow find a reason to see the world and all the wonders it holds. Sometimes, however, some people feel sad, low, and moody for extended periods of time without any immediate reason. If these feelings become unaddressed, they can become a detrimental part of a person’s life. This is called depression, and it’s a serious condition that may severely affect someone’s mental and physical health.

While depression commonly happens to everyone, it can be a serious and dangerous condition if it happens to a person for an extended period of time without being attended to by a professional. While depression can be managed through therapy and other forms of medicine, it’s still something that has to be checked, especially if it stays for prolonged periods of time.

If you feel as though a particular situation has been making you feel immensely down, sometimes perhaps to the point of being unable to do tasks you should otherwise be able to do, you may be experiencing some form of depression. Help is available.

Determining Depression

Given that there are no universal set of “triggers” for depression, identifying someone with depression that can negatively affect their life can be challenging. This is the reason why everyone almost suffers from depression in varying degrees. However, there are some common factors you can assess that may contribute to the person feeling down, for instance:

  • Did they experience certain life activities such as being in an uncaring or abusive relationship, loneliness, having lost someone, or prolonged work stress? These are just some of the many life events that can make a person depressed.
  • How long did the feeling last? A lot of psychologists refer to a period of two weeks as a “waiting” time before fully diagnosing someone with depression. Studies show that feelings of being down that last more than two weeks might be a sign of depression.
  • What’s the person like? Did their family have a history of depression, or is their personality similar to someone with behaviour that might turn into depression – such as constant worrying, low morale, perfectionists, and those with low self-esteem?

These are just some of the many factors that may go into determining just what causes depression. However, knowing how to identify these signs can be extremely helpful especially if you want to help yourself or another person that might have depression. Try to watch out for the above constantly, as you might be dealing with a depressed person and not even realise it.

An Overwhelming Sense Of Low?

If you feel as though your low energy levels or your mood has started to affect your life and the lives of others in negative ways, it might be time for you to seek professional help. Our team here at Life Resolutions in Braybrook are always ready to meet your concerns, and our psychiatrists are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experience that you may seek in order to get your depressive state-managed. We’re here to help you enjoy the life that you deserve. Call today to start your new journey out of depression.

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