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If you’ve ever lost something – a loved one, a relationship, or even a job – sometimes the feelings that come with them can be a bit overwhelming. Unexpected emotions such as denial, anger, guilt, depression, and sometimes even strange moments of happiness. These feelings are normal, but sometimes they also come with moments that make it difficult to think, eat, or sleep. We all have unique ways of dealing with grief and loss, but at some point, we’ll eventually find some form of reconciliation and eventually accept what has happened. Sometimes, however, these feelings stay for a while in others, and unfortunately, there are instances where these feelings stay to the point of being harmful to them.

Grief: What Is It?

Grief is our natural response to losing something. It’s a form of emotional suffering we feel when someone or something we’ve cared for is taken away. Grief isn’t just something that happens when we lose a loved one, but it can also happen when we experience loss in a relationship (a divorce, a breakup, a relationship), a loss of life (a loved one, a pet, a miscarriage), or a loss of something (health, retirement, financial stability).

Given how there are many “triggers” for grief, it doesn’t necessarily mean one cause is greater than the other. If you feel as though one of these things is causing you grief, you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you’re feeling. Unfortunately, it’s when grief starts overtaking your life that it can be harmful to you. Especially if you can’t seem to be able to accomplish your daily tasks or if you seem to have lost all hope. If you feel as though these feelings are starting to overwhelm you, don’t hesitate to speak with a doctor.

Difference From Depression: Alike, But Not The Same

It’s not uncommon for others to associate grief and loss with depression. After all, the feelings of grief or sadness that comes with the ending of a relationship, loss of a job, or death of the loved one can really be a reason for someone to say they are “depressed.” However, being sad is different from having depression – though they do have similarities.

Normally, grief and loss should be a natural process unique to every person. It’s similar to depression in that it may make someone feel intense sadness and not having the desire to do usual activities. However, unlike depression, grief and loss can come in waves of powerful emotions. Aside from sadness, they can feel other moods such as happiness from the memories of the loss, alongside feelings of self-loathing, or worthlessness.

If You Feel Overwhelmed By Grief And Loss

If you’re starting to feel as though your grief and loss is starting to have a negative effect in your life and the lives of others, it may help to get in touch with us here at Life Resolutions in Braybrook in order to get the kind of assistance you need with your concerns. Here at Life Resolutions, remember that you’re valuable to us, and as such, we’d love to make sure we give you the help you deserve. Call today.

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