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Everyone who’s worked in life can attest that they’ve felt stress and pressure at some point in their career. Work stress, and the existence of stressful elements at work, is common regardless if you like your job or not. In some cases, you might be pressured to fulfil a deadline or do sudden and rush jobs. The feeling of conquering these, of course, can be extremely fulfilling. Unfortunately, when work stress becomes a common phenomenon, it can slowly become overwhelming – to the point that it can harm both emotional and physical health. Of course, due to the volatility of the market nowadays, work stress is something that we commonly experience. However, it’s still something we can get to manage.

Work Stress: Its Common Sources, Effects

When it comes to working stress, it’s important to know that a lot of factors can contribute to the level of pressure we feel at work. Sometimes, these factors go hand-in-hand and can have major contributions to the stress we’re having overall. Some indicators include:

  • Having low salaries and at the same time having rather excessive workloads.
  • Very few opportunities for advancement or growth, and yet you also encounter unclear expectations and conflicting demands.
  • Lack of social support from both management and peers.

Unfortunately, we can’t just make work-related stress disappear overnight. Even if we cap off the working day and go home, sometimes we feel work stress creeping over us in bed, at the dinner table, or even at the bar with friends. If this happens, it can take a massive toll on your wellbeing and health.

  • Sometimes, a stressful environment at work can contribute to physical problems such as difficulty concentrating, short temper, sleep disturbances, stomachaches, and headaches.
  • If work stress lasts for an extended period of time, health issues such as heart disease, obesity, and depression can also worsen your physical and mental condition.

When it comes to working stress, unfortunately sometimes other people deal with this in such a way that is also unhealthy in the long run. These include alcohol consumption, drug abuse, cigarette smoking, eating unhealthy food, and even overheating.

By the time you feel as though work stress is getting to you, try to assess the kind of “stressors” or stress triggers that you have and check if there’s some way for you to manage them. If you really feel overwhelmed by your work stress, try to consider seeing a psychologist in order to get some proper advice on how to deal with your work stress properly.

When Working Becomes Too Intense

Stress is a natural part of work, especially when you know you have to perform well in order for you and the company to grow. Sometimes, however, stress at work can become too overwhelming that not only can it affect your performance, but it may also affect your perception of yourself and of work as well. If left unresolved, these concerns can leave you burnt out, without motivation, or even lead to worse problems. If you feel any of these things, feel free to reach us here at Life Resolutions in Braybrook. Our team of professionals may be able to help you cope with your situation and tailor a solution that can help you overcome your work stress more successfully. Call today.

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