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A common image of a psychologist is someone with a notepad sitting on the other end of the room taking notes while someone is talking about their issues. This is a common misconception, psychologists are actually more than just listeners. In fact, psychologists are trained professionals who study and assess the science of human behaviour and research processes. Through years of study, observation, and research, psychologists have found themselves capable of tackling various mental health concerns and learn how to help their clients see their inner strengths and tap into their inner talents.

Here at Life Resolutions, all of our psychologists have studied at least four (4) years in University, and each of them have completed two (2) additional years of experience either while working with a registered psychologist, or specialisation. Our specialist psychologists such as a Clinical Psychologist are required to have taken at least six (6) years of University education. This means our psychologists aren’t just trained to tackle various mental health concerns, but they’re extremely capable of tailoring various therapy mechanisms and techniques to your needs. All of our psychologists have also been certified and licensed, meaning they’re also capable of making reports for you as you need them, be it for employment or for some other means. We only aim to provide you with the best of psychological care, and we can only do so if we make sure our psychologists themselves have received adequate training and education.

For someone who’ll experience counselling for the first time, you might wonder just what is counselling and how can talking to another person help you with your problems? If you’ve ever experienced talking with a friend or a parent about life’s worries, you might find it relieving and helpful to have released your worries and even get advice. Unlike these conversations, however, counselling is a professional mental health service psychologists, therapists, and trained professionals can use in order to help people with particular mental health concerns find ways to cope with their woes. Unlike talking with another person, counselling with a therapist is beyond “talking,” as here at Life Resolutions we ensure our clients and our therapists work together on addressing concerns in an engaging manner.

Anyone can use counselling, especially since we all experience different situations across our lives. Sometimes, what can be a concern for you, may be normal for someone else, and vice versa. Perhaps what’s important is that if you feel as though a particular situation is becoming too overwhelming for you to bear, then don’t hesitate to use counselling. You don’t have to be someone with a mental health disorder in order to try counselling. The act of seeking counselling is a process that is dependent on your desire. If you feel as though your situation is something that you should seek counselling for, then please don’t be shy to reach us for an appointment.

If it’s you first appointment with a psychologist here at Life Resolutions, you should expect it to more or less involve opening up about your concern. Chances are, our psychologist will be reviewing your file as you answer some questions they may have for you. Afterwards, your psychologist will explain what they think can be a good approach of tackling your current concerns depending on the kind of goals you expect. This process involves a lot of cooperation between you and your psychologist, and this constant exchange of ideas will be happening throughout the course of your session. We believe developing good rapport with your psychologist is an efficient way of creating therapy methods that not only works for you, but something that can actually make a positive change in your life.

Counselling is an ongoing process, and developing one’s mental health is something that happens throughout the course of your lifetime. As such, therapy doesn’t have a “set number of sessions” unless you say so. Sometimes, other people take a short time to have their concerns addressed, and others take a longer time to get their concerns met.

This doesn’t mean one group is better than the other, but this just means everyone has different ways of dealing with mental health concerns, and as such therapy can affect them in different ways. Sessions also affect things such as your schedule, life events, your mood, or even your availability. You’re allowed to cancel sessions provided you inform us 24 hours in advance. If not, you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee. Aside from that, however, you’re free to end your therapy as you wish, and our doors are still open for you to come and get some advice whenever you feel as though you need a fresh batch of lessons once more.

Your sessions here at Life Resolution are absolutely confidential. We believe in the ability of the psychologist-client relationship and how it can influence effective treatment – and as such, trust is an integral factor in establishing such a relationship. All the files we have of our clients are used only for the sake of developing treatment methods for them. If you use our services here at Life Resolutions, rest assured what happens inside our offices, stays inside our offices. The only instance where we may have to violate that trust is if the court of law asks for your particular file, or if your actions may have the potential to harm yourself or another person you might get in contact with.