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As a greatly respected and experienced psychologist, Mary Magalotti has had a thriving career thus far. Mary has been a director & principal psychologist of a range of successful mental health businesses, she has sat on the national board of the Australian Psychology Society and is renowned as a thought leader in the Australian psychology industry.

An important Life Lessons from Mary Magalotti’s 19 Years at Life Resolutions

With over 19 years of experience in the psychology industry, Mary Magalotti has learned her fair share of lessons about business and life. However, the most important lesson she found is that:

“It’s all about the people.”

The people that makeup Life Resolutions, her clients, and all of the stakeholders – they mean everything to the creation, development and success of Life Resolutions.

From this lesson, Mary understood the importance of finding the right employees to welcome into her business. And this understanding led to the development of a rigorous and thorough process of selecting potential business candidates. She found that dedicating time to find the best-suited people for the business saved a lot of time and money in the long run and helped to ensure she was offering her clients the best possible mental health care from the highest qualified professionals.

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Mary Magalotti’s Candidate Selection Tips:

To help others to follow in her footsteps, Mary put together a few pointers for the hiring process:

  1. Transparent motivations – what are their reasons for applying to the role? Once you have identified the objectives that are motivating them, you can ensure they are the right candidate, and both parties can work together to achieve their joint goals.
  1. Set expectations early – by identifying motivations and shared objectives, clear distinctions on the role of each person can be cemented – starting the relationship with open and forward communication, which will pay off in the long run.
  1. Back up instincts with proof – instinct plays a strong role in the selection process, but it is not always accurate. Instead, it is best to apply as many tools as possible to help you make an informed decision.
  1. Stick to the process – remember that it is almost always better to wait for the perfect candidate than to invest precious resources into the wrong candidate. Simply because they were the best available at the time.

Finally, once you have found the right people for your business, it is integral to ensure the longevity of these relationships through transparent and open communication. This ensures that all parties can achieve what they need to, and all those involved can work together to effectively.

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