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The Life Resolutions Clinic

Life Resolutions is an established psychology clinic offering exceptional psychology services to our many valued clients. Through our operations at Life Resolutions, we also place a strong importance on working to improve the accessibility of mental healthcare in Australia, as we believe that all people deserve the ability to receive quality mental health support, no matter their circumstance. We are passionate about supporting people to get back onto the path to mental wellbeing and life fulfilment.

Through their work with Life Resolutions, Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton are striving to enhance and improve the systems in place in psychology clinics to ensure that counsellors and psychologists are able to spend their valuable time and energy on helping their clients, as opposed to spending it on administrative tasks and paperwork.

Mary Magalotti – the Principal Psychologist at Life Resolutions

Mary Magalotti is the principal psychologist at Life Resolutions and is responsible for the management of the clinical aspects of the business. Mary has been a part of the team since 2001 when Life Resolutions was founded. Since day one, she has committed her career to providing her valued clients with the mental health services they require, reducing the stigmas surrounding the mental health industry and increasing the accessibility and quality of mental healthcare to all people living in Australia.

In her work as a psychologist, Mary has seen many improvements in the industry, mostly surrounding increases in the quality of mental health services and the slow but steady reduction in the stigma of seeking mental health treatment. These changes in how people view mental healthcare have resulted in a greater demand for phycologists and counsellors and is proof that more people are making use of mental health services and choosing to invest in their personal wellbeing.

Jodie Brenton – the CEO and Director at Life Resolutions

Jodie Brenton is the Director and CEO of Life Resolutions.  Jodie has spent 20 years working with Life Resolutions to assist in helping Australians to achieve improved mental health and wellbeing through her work on the business side of the clinic.

The partnership built between Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti, which focuses on improving private practice systems, administration, marketing and operations, has made the all of the work done by Life Resolutions possible and has played a role in influencing the Australian psychology industry.

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For more information on the journey of Life Resolutions or to speak to either Mary Magalotti or Jodie Brenton, contact the team HERE. Alternatively, visit the Life Resolutions website to read about our work at Life Resolutions and more about Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti.