Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Counselling In Caulfield Helping You Overcome Bipolar Disorder To Live Life Better Bipolar disorder is a common, yet frustrating condition for those who live with it. It can be triggered from high periods

Child Counselling

Child Counselling in Caulfield Help Your Child Through Their Problems with a Psychologist Children often experience difficulties in life that take time to get over. However, when the problem lasts or stems from a traumatic


Depression Counselling Services in Caulfield Depression can form from one thing but can continue on until it becomes a large bridge that’s hard to cross over. When depression occurs you may have symptoms of intense

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Counselling In Caulfield Give You the Support You Need for Your Eating Disorder Eating disorders can affect your life in so many ways. They can begin for one thing, but continue on for

Family Counselling

Family Counselling in Caulfield Helping Families Heal Through Their Difficult Time Family problems start from small issues but can tear a family apart. Overtime you may find a family member will break away from the

Grief and Loss

Grief & Loss Counselling in Caulfield Giving You Support to Heal Your Grief The passing of someone you love is a big emotional release that can take a while to get over. It can last

Marriage Counselling

All couples face challenges and rough patches. Things such as frequent disagreements, differences in values, suspicion or evidence of infidelity and financial pressures can all cause difficulties.

Mental Illness

Giving You the Power to Overcome Mental Illness Mental illness can affect you and those around you. It can cause a lot of stress and can last for years if untreated. When mental health problems

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression Counselling in Caulfield Helping You Enjoy Parenthood One Day at a Time The birth of a baby can be a stressful time and can cause depression if there’s not enough support. Postnatal depression

Relationship Advice

We can help you Improve your relationships through professional support and guidance Relationships are important, in day to day life, relationships offer a range of positive benefits. These include; mental support, a caring hand, warmth,

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology Many athletes experience setbacks that hold them back from performing at their best possible level. You may sometimes feel that you never quite reach your potential or that you could do better. Perhaps

Workplace Bullying

Helping You Create a Positive Workplace Workplace bullying isn’t acceptable but when it occurs it can affect the way you work and how you feel about yourself. When workplace bullying occurs you may have feelings