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Child Counselling in Caulfield

Help Your Child Through Their Problems with a Psychologist

Children often experience difficulties in life that take time to get over. However, when the problem lasts or stems from a traumatic event it can be hard for them to get over it.

Children having problems often show signs of defiance, grade drops at school, and the need to push boundaries.

Children deserve to feel wanted, loved and accepted. Did you know that children can become depressed like adults?

Children don’t have to continually face their problems alone. There is help and support available. You can help them to live a more enjoyable life.

Common Signs of Problems Starting in Children

  • Withdrawal from everyday events that remind them of the problem they’re facing.
  • A defiant behaviour that follows with pushing boundaries, fighting and constant arguments.
  • Differences in their sleep and eating habits.
  • Their confidence drops and they begin to show signs of low self-esteem.
  • School grades begin to fall from A’s to F’s within weeks

Your Approach to Getting Better

Eating differently, withdrawal from everyday events, and a defiant nature are all common signs of a problem in your child’s life.

With your support and love they can get through this emotional time. Your child can live a happy life. They don’t have to feel alone anymore.

The first step to helping your child through their problem is understanding there is a problem in the first place and it’s big to them.

The next step is approaching them about their problem in a positive, kind and supportive manner.

The final step is taking control and getting your child the help they need through a registered psychologist.

Child counselling can help children to become stronger, more confident, and happier in life. It can help them heal so they can move on in life with confidence.

How do Problems Start in a Child’s Life?

There’s different factors, events and situations that can trigger problems in a child’s life. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The breakdown of a marriage that’s affecting the children.
  • Physical or sexual abuse that was done by someone they know or by a stranger.
  • Experiencing or witnessing an event that was traumatic and that’s left an impression on their young life.
  • Continuous bullying at school that’s causing distress and constant worry.

Children don’t have to live their life trying to cope with a problem alone. With the team at Life Resolutions in Caulfield, we can help give them the guidance and support to get them through their problems.

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