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Eating Disorder Counselling In Caulfield

Give You the Support You Need for Your Eating Disorder

Eating disorders can affect your life in so many ways. They can begin for one thing, but continue on for another.

When experiencing an eating disorder, you may have symptoms of hiding food to binge on, purging after eating, or obsessing over calories.

Healthy eating is important to keep you alive and to give your body the nutrients it needs to be happy and have energy. Did you know that eating disorders generally start in the teenage years?

Eating healthy can help to reduce your risk of nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency.

Food can be your friend again. You don’t have to fear it. There is help and support available for you to overcome you’re eating disorder.

Common Signs of an Eating Disorder

  • You begin to hoard food to eat later without anyone knowing.
  • You have hidden food in different locations so you can binge on it later.
  • You purge after eating and make regular bathroom trips.
  • Continuous dieting even though you’ve been warned you’re underweight.
  • The use of illegal drugs and prescriptions for the purpose of supressing your appetite.
  • A continuous need to exercise even though you’re underweight.
  • The use of laxatives, diet pills, and diuretics to help with weight loss.
  • Preoccupied with calories that you burn or eat.
  • Preoccupied with your body size, weight, body shape and appearance.

Your Approach to Getting Better

Purging, continuous dieting, and hiding food to eat later are signs that you may be experiencing an eating disorder.

You don’t have to live this way anymore. You can overcome you’re eating disorder with some professional help. You can make change happen.

This first step to recovering is understanding and recognising that you do have an eating disorder.

The next step is realising that you’re not alone. There’s many people in Australia who have the same struggle that you’re experiencing right now.

The final step is being brave and reaching out for professional help from a registered psychologist.

Counselling for your eating disorder can help you gain the confidence that you need to make food your friend again. You can begin to eat healthy again by healing your emotional scars.

How Can Eating Disorders Start?

Eating disorders can begin for a number of reasons, factor and events. Reasons for your eating disorder include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Problems with anxiety, depression, inadequacy, low self-esteem, and lack of control over your life.
  • Relationship problems that may include sexual abuse, emotional abuse, weight bullying, and a difficult family history.
  • The pressure of having to have the perfect body.

Food doesn’t have to rule your life. You can get support to help you overcome you’re eating disorder. Let Life Resolutions help you regain control over your life so you can eat healthy.

Where is Our Eating Disorders Service Located?

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