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Family Counselling in Caulfield

Helping Families Heal Through Their Difficult Time

Family problems start from small issues but can tear a family apart. Overtime you may find a family member will break away from the group because the stress and pain becomes too much.

When problems in the family begin you start to see signs of constant fighting, violence amongst family members and lack of communication.

Overcoming your family problems is about learning that everyone is different and accepting their differences. Did you know that family problems affect all members of the family, even young children?

Family problems don’t have to end in heartache and pain. You have the power to bring your family back together. Don’t give up.

Common Signs of Family Problems Starting

  • You have trouble communicating with your family members.
  • Your children may experience sudden drops in their school grades.
  • Members of the family fight for days or weeks about the same small things.
  • Family members cut all ties with you or other members of the group.
  • Violent tendencies and continuous name calling is used for problem solving.

Your Approach to Getting Better

A breakdown in communication, a drop in children’s grades and name calling are all signs that problems are occurring in your family unit.

Your family doesn’t have to fall apart like this. There is a way to make your family whole again. Don’t give up.

The first step to healing your family is for you and everyone in your family to recognise you all play a part in the problems that are occurring.

The next step is bringing up the discussion of getting help for your family and encouraging everyone to participate.

The third step is asking for help from a professional registered psychologist.

Family is important and all members should work together to bring peace to the group. You can help to bring peace to your family and to overcome your problems as a whole.

How Can Family Problems Start?

Family problems generally occur from one thing but become big problems for all members involved. Reasons for family problems include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Limited communication with each other and limited understanding of feelings.
  • Unresolved feelings that haven’t healed fully from the past.
  • Being around people who are abusive or have addiction habits.
  • Parents that are overbearing and controlling with their children.
  • Limited knowledge in child rearing which results in bad raising habits.

Family problems don’t have to break the family apart. There is help available to get you through this difficult time. Let Life Resolutions help you heal your family.

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