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Marriage Counselling in Caulfield

Helping You Overcome Your Differences

Marriage problems start to occur when both you and your partner aren’t working together towards a common goal.

When experiencing marriage problems, you may start to encounter infidelity, fights, and putting each other down.

A happy marriage is all about working with one another as a unit. Did you know marriage problems occur in all marriages?

By taking the time to address the issues and working through them you can have a happy marriage. You can make your marriage whole again.

Common Signs of Marriage Problems

  • You feel the need to defend yourself.
  • You put each other down and call each other names.
  • You argue constantly over the same things.
  • Quality time isn’t being spent anymore.
  • There’s no love or intimacy anymore between you both.
  • You regret opening up to your partner because they criticise you.
  • It’s difficult to have an honest and open conversation.

Your Approach to Getting Better

A lack of love, calling each other names, and not spending quality time together are common signs you may be having problems in your marriage.

You don’t have to end your marriage. You can resolve your problems you just need to be willing to try and work together.

The first step is understanding that you do have a problem in your marriage.

The next step to overcoming marriage problems is for you both to understand that you are contributing to the problem in separate ways.

The final step is seeking out professional marriage counselling from a registered psychologist in Caulfield.

With help you can overcome your marriage problems.

How Can Marriage Problems Start?

There’s different triggers that can cause a marriage to fall apart. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Abusive tendencies and bad habits that affected previous relationships.
  • Issues from your past that haven’t been resolved yet.
  • Infidelity that has left resentment and trust issues between you and your partner.

Divorce isn’t the only option. You have a chance to overcome your problems with the help of a psychologist in Caulfield. Let us help you become whole again.

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