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We can help you Improve your relationships through professional support and guidance

Relationships are important, in day to day life, relationships offer a range of positive benefits. These include; mental support, a caring hand, warmth, love, appreciation and more. Unfortunately, relationships can experience a hiccup. Any relationship can potentially go from good to bad. If you’ve been experiencing a dip in one of your relationships it can lead to mental, emotional and physical problems.

This doesn’t just apply to partners, but to any loved one, family, friend or relative. Spotting the problems and finding the correct solutions to manage your problems is vital to your health. With the correct guidance you can enjoy these relationships again.

How can you tell if your relationship has gone bad?

There are many reasons why a relationship can become negative, sometimes the problems are small and sometimes they are big. Here are some of the signs that your relationship is not fulfilled;

  • Talking to one another has become very difficult. Communicating your feelings is something you often want to avoid, when doing so most of the responses are emotional or there is a sense of detachment.
  • You’re feeling like you have a reduced sex-drive, you’re experiencing impotency and there is a lot less intimacy within the relationship.
  • When it comes to carrying out household tasks and chores, there is often conflict surrounding them.
  • You’re going through a patch of financial lows.
  • Change hurts. Any major life decision or alteration causes problems in the relationship. Such as moving away, getting a new job or the passing of someone close to you or the other person in your relationship.

How can you make the relationship better?

It may feel like there is little hope or that coming back from a negative space in a relationship is near impossible. Fortunately, you can change this. There are solutions to the problems and you can enjoy the relationship again but it will take time and understanding. The first step in the right direction is to talk to the people you trust around you, these people could be family, friends or relatives. Talk to them and discuss the problems you’re facing or the feelings you’re experiencing. Perhaps they have experienced something similar or having a 3rd person perspective on the problem can help to put it into perspective. Once you understand the issues you’re suffering from, you will decide whether or not you need more support.

Support can come in many ways and one of them is seeing a psychologist. Psychologists can offer problem solving counselling and therapy to overcome negative relationships, helping you apply the correct methods and strategies to the challenges. A psychologist has multiple forms of counselling available to tackle your personal needs. Most of the time it will be focused on altering behavioural patterns. The different forms of counselling include; cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focused therapy or acceptance and commitment therapy.

If you are experiencing relationship troubles and want to talk to someone about it, we are here for you. Call us today and speak to one of our receptionists on [phone number]. They will be able to explain and answer any questions you may have regarding the help you need.

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