Anger Management

If you feel that you are “losing it” too often, then don’t wait until it gets any worse.

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Anger is usually the resulting behaviour to a situation. It is usually likely that there is a host of other feelings such as loss, hurt, fear, sadness and helplessness, running its course leading to the anger. Just like an iceberg.

It’s natural to feel angry, but it is when the anger is left unchecked and becomes explosive, or is repressed and comes out as sulking and nagging, then the impact becomes much more real – not just to the angry person but to those around them.

It is OK to feel anger. It tells us that we aren’t feeling ok about what’s going on. It is what we do with this feeling that can be problematic – do we sit with it and lash out or do we use it productively to create momentum and resolve problems.

How We Can Help

At Life Resolutions, we run anger management counselling sessions with psychologists who are qualified and experienced to deliver effective outcomes.

Our Psychologists can teach you to express your emotions in ways that don’t leave you and others feeling shattered. When communicating strong feelings in a way that others can listen to, receive and respond to, we build healthy relationships which meet our needs better. We’ll help you understand your anger triggers, the underlying causes, and help equip you with practical skills to control your emotions effectively.

You’ll also be able to:

  • Identify the build-up of anger and recognise the point of “explosion”.
  • Learn practical skills and strategies of managing your anger, frustration, and annoyances.
  • Have a safe and supportive space to share your experiences and rehearse your growing skills.

For more information on our anger management program, please contact our Client Services Team on1300 668 256.

What are the Benefits of Anger Management Counselling?

You might be in doubt as to whether or not to sign up for anger management counselling, but truth be told, this therapy can benefit your well-being in the long run. This is how:

Improved relationships: no one wants to be with someone who hits them whenever they’re angry. Sure, you’re just fueled by your emotions, and you never meant to do or say anything while you’re angry, but even if this is so, your behavior can still create an adverse effect on others.

Coping skills: Anger management counselling will involve you, talking to a psychologist to air out your emotions. Through the sessions, the psychologist will lay down several coping mechanisms appropriate for you. These will be your guide to manage your emotions when in a stressful situation, and for you not to resort to anger immediately.

Identifying triggers: Once you know what triggers your anger, it will be easier to address the problem and anger management counselling can do this. You’ll know what to avoid, for you not to be angry.

Better health: Being angry is synonymous to being stressed and depressed. If you refrain from becoming angry, you’ll be calmer and avoid negative health effects at the same time.

How can you reach us?

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