Anger Management Treatments

Life Resolutions offers anger management workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne and around all of Australia.

Anger is an emotion everyone experiences. It can manifest itself in various levels of severity from a mild irritation to a wild rage. When anger starts expressing itself in a detrimental way, professional counselling can help people deal with their rage.

If left unresolved, anger issues can lead to explosive outbursts and people displaying behaviours such as shouting, throwing or breaking objects, as well as hitting things and afflicting self-harm. Severe anger might lead to abusive behaviours towards others such as ramming, grabbing, and hitting people.

A Life Resolutions psychologist is able to help clients control their emotions through anger management workshops and private counselling.

What you can expect from our counselling:

Life Resolutions anger management counselling can teach you skills that help you to control your anger. Our psychologists can help you to identify the signs and triggers for anger, and to develop effective coping mechanisms to help you maintain your composure in in stressful situations. We offer our anger management counselling in Melbourne, around Brisbane and in other Australian main centres.

Medicare Rebates

The Australian Government offers considerable financial assistance to people living with mental health issues as part of their ‘Better Mental Health Care’ Initiative. These Medicare rebates require a mental health assessment from the client’s GP as well as a referral to a psychologist.

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