Treating bipolar effectively

Caused by changes in particular chemicals in the brain that regulate mood, bipolar disorder or ‘manic depression’ is a medical condition that can cause extreme mood swings in individuals. These mood swings can vary from over excited and happy to feelings of sadness or depression. The highs and lows experienced with the disorder can vary in duration, from days to weeks and even months.

Some individuals can be so affected by the disorder that they become psychotic, losing contact with reality. People dealing with the disorder can also become very impulsive where they will make big life decisions without thorough planning or thought. There are some cases where an individual will also imagine themselves to be more influential than they actually are.

Most people are able to overcome the disorder as symptoms usually respond well with the right treatment. However, sufferers may need to continually manage their condition throughout their life.

How Life Resolutions can help

Here at Life Resolutions, we are able to help individuals with bipolar, as well as their families, to come to terms with and manage the condition. This involves learning more about the condition, learning to identify the warning signs before a depressive episode and learning important skills that will allow you to cope better.

The best results are often found when a combination of medication as well as psychological treatment is used. This allows your psychologist to help you manage the medication whilst also getting support from your doctor.


Medicare rebates are available to those who are eligible. Rebates can be paid directly into your bank account when sessions are paid for using cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

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