Mental Illness Treatments

Mental illness takes many forms. The most common are anxiety and depression; less common are psychotic illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar and drug-induced psychosis, where a person loses touch with reality.

Whichever form they take, mental illnesses impact upon our thinking and feelings, our behaviour and reactions. When the symptoms of mental health issues begin to interfere with daily life – such a being unable to get out of bed due to depression or unwilling to leave the house due to anxiety – it becomes classified as a disorder.

If left untreated, mental health issues can cause serious damage to the person’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Early detection and intervention are essential in effective treatment and for restoring balance in one’s life.

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Medicare Rebates

To access the Medicare Rebate, you need your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician to complete a detailed mental health assessment and prepare a Mental Health Treatment Plan before referring you to a psychologist. You may be eligible to receive Medicare rebates immediately into your bank account when paying for your session by cash, credit card, EFTPOS or cheque at all Life Resolutions® locations.

Medicare rebates are available for psychological treatment by registered psychologists under the Australian Government’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. This scheme provides considerable financial assistance to people living with mental health problems, allowing them greater access to psychologists and providing more affordable mental healthcare.

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