Understand Your Sexuality

Many people experience confusion in relation to their sexual orientation at some point in life. Unfortunately, through the process of trying to understand your sexuality, it is common to experience feelings of shame, fear of rejection, anxiety and also isolation. This sense of confusion can also make it hard to develop a strong sense of self.

Even those who are openly gay can struggle with unconscious issues surrounding their sexuality – and this can affect their ability to maintain a relationship. A psychologist can help you address any underlying issues, allowing you to accept your sexuality and develop a stronger sense of self.

Gain a better sense of understanding

Essentially, sexuality relates to how you feel about sex, and how your express these feelings. Humans are sexual beings, and sexuality cannot be turned off or on. When it comes to developing a sexual identity, most people identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual – and this can differ depending on whether or not you are in the private or public sphere.

The term ‘sexual orientation’ refers to who you are attracted to, whether it be men, women or both.

Counselling can help

A psychologist who is knowledgeable in issues surrounding sexuality can help you better understand yourself. The counselling process allows you to identify what you are thinking and feeling, and why this is the case.

For many people, it is a matter of understanding and accepting sexual identity, as this allows you to let go of family expectations, as well as societal and peer pressure. An experienced psychologist can help you make important decisions regarding relationships and coming out.

Here at Life Resolutions, we have psychologists who are very experienced when it comes to understanding issues surrounding sexuality – with many of them being gay themselves. We provide individual and also couples counselling, so make an appointment with a local psychologist today by calling 1300 668 256.

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