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Anxiety in Children

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Unfortunately, children can experience the same negative emotions as adults. This can often include anxiety. Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that 6.9% of Australians aged 4-17 experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015. If you have noticed that an overwhelming amount of anxiety is affecting your child’s daily routine more than their friends or classmates, it is worth seeking help. Know that as parents, you are not alone.

Difficulties you may have noticed in your child’s behaviour or during an anxiety attack are; unwillingness to leave your side, lack of desire to play with others or go outside, watching their peers rather than joining in, troubles sleeping, and problems adjusting to change of routine. One important thing to remember is that children cannot yet vocalise what they are experiencing, so recognising these signs for them can be imperative. If children experience too much anxiety, they can start to become fearful and stressed.

Children deserve the mental health resources that we as adults have access to. This will help them through childhood and to prepare them to become well-functioning adults.

Here at Life Resolutions Croydon, our psychologists, counsellors and therapists can offer treatment to help reduce your child’s anxiety levels through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and although not commonly used, prescribed medication. It’s important that we get to the root of the problems in order to present you and your family with the best course of action.

For more information about how our team of psychologists can help your child gain the proper tool to assist with their anxiety, please contact 1300 668 256 or visit: