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You’ve already been through that stage yourself, and now it’s your child’s turn to undergo adolescence where they can learn several life skills that they can use later on once they become adults themselves too like you. However, adolescence also marks a critical period in your child’s entire life as they may be susceptible to certain behaviors that you might find unbecoming of them. If you have an adolescent child who’s been running into too much trouble that you’re at a complete loss already as to how you can best approach them, we at Life Resolutions can help you in making sure that any issues that they may have would be heard and addressed right away.

What Are Some of the Most Common Problems That Adolescents Face Today?

You might have made sure back then that your child got the best care, schooling, and playmates that you think they should be able to have. But their period of adolescence is where they may find themselves facing several struggles one after the other. Some of those struggles that your adolescent child might be dealing with right now while you’re reading this are as follows:

  • Your adolescent child has low self-esteem after being bullied in school which may lead to depression and eventually suicide.
  • Your teenage child has taken to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol despite being a few years below the legal smoking and drinking age requirements in your state.
  • Your female teenage child got pregnant after having unsafe sex with a male fellow teenager.
  • Your adolescent child had committed an act that your state considers to be a crime after being pressured by their peers to do it.

How Can We Help in Making Sure That Your Adolescent Child Gets Back on the Right Track?

Here at Life Resolutions Croydon, we acknowledge that no two adolescent children can ever experience the same exact set of issues that they may encounter while treading the entire course of their teenage life. Thus, we make sure that the mental health professionals we employ to work alongside us are qualified to handle various problems that adolescents experience. Once you start referring your child to any of our therapists, they may be asked to undergo any of the following types of therapy as tailored to their specific needs:

1. Dialectical behavior therapy

If your adolescent child has been engaging in either harmful or suicidal behavior, we may hear them out using a dialectical behavior therapy approach.

2. Family therapy

As you might be at a loss already on how to instill discipline to your troubled adolescent child without coming across as too stern, we can lighten some of your parenting load and ask you and your teenage child to undergo family therapy so that you can sort out any differences that both of you may have.

As much as you might want your adolescent child to remain a toddler forever so that you won’t have to deal with too much headache after finding out that they’ve engaged in too much risky behavior that most other teenagers their age aren’t capable of doing, your wish isn’t going to happen anytime soon. What you would want to do instead is to ask your child as nicely as you can if they’d be willing to take a trip to Life Resolutions Croydon with you. Our well-trained staff of psychologists, counselors, and therapists are more than welcome to help your child cope with the pressures of adolescence and gradually turn themselves into responsible adults.

Where is Our Adolescents Service Located?

We are conveniently located 209 Mount Dandenong Road, Croydon, 3136 Victoria, Australia.

To find out how we can help call today on 1300 668 256