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Depression can affect all areas of a person’s life. Emotions related to depression can have significant effects on your behavior, emotional health, and mental health. Each day you’re fighting with depression, you’re more likely at risk of having a diminished quality of life. Many times, it can mean that you’re losing focus on your goals that affect your motivation to do the things that you love.

What is Depression?

Depression is a serious medical condition that adversely affects your emotions, thinking processes, and behaviors. While it remains treatable, it can cause a variety of physical and psychological problems, which can decrease your ability to function properly at work and home. For the record, depression has been considered by the World Health Organization as the one of the most common illness worldwide.

What are the common symptoms of depression?

The typical symptoms of depression include:

  • Experiencing a depressed mood
  • Lack of interest in doing the activities usually enjoyed
  • Change in appetite
  • Loss of weight or gain not linked to dieting
  • Sleeping problems
  • Lack of energy
  • Memory problems
  • Inability to focus or make sound decisions
  • Feelings of guilt or helplessness
  • Thoughts of committing suicide
  • Deep feelings of sadness or emptiness
  • Failure to control emotions

Depression can be experienced by anyone even those who appear to be living in ideal circumstances. It can be due to an interplay of several factors such as biochemistry, genetics, personality and even environmental factors.

What are common treatments for depression?

Depression is a treatable mental disorder. Standard treatments for depression include:

  • Medication: Antidepressants as a form of drug treatment might be prescribed to manage the effects of depression. Many times, long-term medication may be recommended to reduce the risk of future depressive episodes.
  • Psychotherapy: This type of treatment can be used along with antidepressant medication. Psychotherapy is commonly known as talk therapy whereby only the depressed individual is involved. Family or couples therapy can also be utilized to help address relationship issues.
  • Support: This can also be an efficient way to manage depression. Support may range from educating family members and discussing meaningful solutions to address the problem.

Help is available to treat depression. With proper diagnosis and treatment, people who have been depressed, just like you, will eventually overcome it.

How can we help you?

We know that all of us experience feelings of sadness from time to time. But for some, feeling empty and desperate for a prolonged period that affects their day-to-day life might have something to do with experiencing depression. Considering these cases, you might be dealing with clinical depression. Also, we understand that what you’re feeling isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re worried about your mental health, you don’t need to worry so much about these problems anymore. We at Life Resolutions Croydon will ensure that your mental health problems are heard and attended. We have a team who will be more than willing and happy to provide experienced depression counseling to help you with your depression. We’ll ensure to offer practical solutions for your long-term recovery, which will help you improve your quality of life.

Where is Our Depression Service Located?

We are conveniently located 209 Mount Dandenong Road, Croydon, 3136 Victoria, Australia.

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