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Life Stages Adjustment

As the oft-quoted saying goes, change is the only thing that’s constant. So whether you like it or not, there would always be certain events that can change you either for better or for worse. But while most other people can easily adapt to any changes that can happen over the entire course of their lives, you might find yourself having a hard time trying to move from one life stage to another. As a result, other people might remark that you’re maladjusted and thus can’t survive in the real world. We at Life Resolutions Croydon aren’t like those people though as we aim to help you fully adjust to the different stages of your life with ease.

What Is Adjustment Disorder?

Adaptation is instrumental to our survival as humans, most especially now that we’re living in a fast-paced era. However, you might find yourself severely reacting to a sudden life event instead of trying to find ways on how to adapt to it which is how you’ll know that you’ve got adjustment disorder.

  • Adjustment disorder usually occurs roughly three months after you’ve experienced a sudden life event or a series of sudden life events.
  • While an adjustment disorder can happen whatever your current age is, it usually manifests itself during those stages in your life where major transitions take place like adolescence, midlife, and old age.
  • Thankfully, adjustment disorders very rarely last for longer than six months. However, it doesn’t mean that you should simply let six months pass and wait for your adjustment disorder to fade away.

What Are Some of the Symptoms of Adjustment Disorder?

Your adjustment disorder doesn’t simply appear out of thin air. As mentioned above, you have three months after a sudden life event had occurred to you to check if you’re experiencing these symptoms associated with adjustment disorder:

  • You’ve suddenly engaged in defiant actions and reckless behavior.
  • You’re having feelings of hopelessness and sadness, both of which can make you cry.
  • Your heart is skipping a beat.
  • You’re starting to isolate yourself from people.
  • All of the above-listed symptoms didn’t happen while you were grieving over the death of a loved one.

How Can We Help You Treat Your Adjustment Disorder?

Our team of psychologists, counselors, and therapists here at Life Resolutions Croydon are trained and equipped with the right knowledge to help people like you who are currently suffering from an adjustment disorder. The following are some of the treatment methods that we may use so that you can be cured of your adjustment disorder and thus become more confident to face all other challenges that life would throw right at you:

1. Psychotherapy

By far the most common type of treatment being used to cure adjustment disorders, psychotherapy usually involves you undergoing a series of sessions with the therapist that we’ll assign to you. Your therapist would then try to find out how the sudden event that you’ve experienced has been affecting your life and also teach you some skills that you could use to deal with major life stage transitions.

2. Group therapy

In case a one-on-one with your therapist wouldn’t work, they could suggest that you attend a group therapy session wherein you’ll share a single room with other people who are also suffering from an adjustment disorder.

Change is an inevitable part of our lives as no person remains the same forever. However, here at Life Resolutions Croydon, we recognize that not everyone has the same capability to smoothly transition from one life stage to another as you might be finding it rather difficult to do so. And to make things worse, you might become prone to adjustment disorder which can mentally impair you in the long run. To help you cope more successfully with the different transitions that can happen in your life, you can call us right after you’ve finished reading this and we’ll assign you a psychologist, counselor, or therapist who can guide you on your path to becoming a well-adjusted person.

Where is Our Life Stages Adjustment Service Located?

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