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Doctor-patient confidentiality protects all sessions between you and the psychologist assigned to help you resolve your workplace issues. Thus, you don’t need to be afraid to share how your bosses and colleagues treat you at work or if you feel that your work right now isn’t a good fit for you.

As mentioned in our Anxiety Disorders page, it’s completely normal for everyone – ourselves included – to feel anxious from time to time. But if you feel that your anxiety is already getting the way of trying to live a normal life, you may have an anxiety disorder. To be sure, you can call us at 1300 668 256. Our friendly and courteous customer service staff would be glad to connect you with any one of our mental health professionals who can assist you.

As much as we want to help you with that, trying to convince them to go with you for any of the family therapy sessions that the therapist we assigned to you had recommended for you to attend ultimately lies in your hands. We can only conduct family therapy if any other member of your family is willing to resolve your issues as well.

At Life Resolutions Croydon, we believe that we can solve most mental health issues without having to resort to using medications. But in case one-on-one or group therapy sessions aren’t working as they should be, we may have to suggest you get a GP or Psychiatry review for medication.

It’s in your best interests that you are also present during your adolescent child’s therapy sessions with us so that you’ll have a clearer picture as well of what’s going on with them.  We will conduct some time separately and some time together to get a clear picture of what is going on.  At times, it may not be necessary for you to attend however you are always encouraged to make contact with the therapist if you have any concerns or questions.

Since there isn’t any school on weekends, you and your child can visit us on Saturdays. You would have to inform the mental health staff that we assigned to you beforehand though that you’re only available on Saturdays so that they can arrange your child’s therapy sessions.

No, we won’t hold it against you at all if you’re uncomfortable sharing the details of the traumatic event that you experienced or witnessed. You can only tell us what you feel like sharing to us and we’ll try our best to work things out from there and come up with ways on how to approach your trauma head-on without reopening old wounds.