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Passionate About Change

At Life Resolutions Daisy Hill, we are passionate about change. This drives our professional practice to support, engage, challenge and essentially enhance the lives our clients on a daily basis. From the perspective of positive psychology, we are keen to explore not just the challenges that our clients present with, but also the strengths they already bring with them.

Sadly though, many of our clients have lost sight of these internal strengths. Seeking counselling can assist in re-connecting clients with the skills they have for dealing with what they perceive as their difficulties. Therapy can assist with a variety presentations, in fact, if you have any part of your life that you feel could be better, talking it through with someone trained to listen and assist can have deep, long lasting benefits. Clients often comment when leaving sessions that they feeling lighter, happier, or simply less overwhelmed.

Our team are compassionate, experienced and there for you. We offer psychologists with a range of skills, therapy styles and life experiences. Finding the right psychologist for you is integral to the success of your therapy. We also offer sessions 6 days a week, including after hours, to ensure you can attend sessions in your busy life. Life Resolutions Daisy Hill is conveniently located 2 minutes off the M1, and is easily accessible from Brisbane Southside, Logan, Redlands and the northern parts of the Gold Coast. Call us now on 1300 668 256 to start your change – the first step is often the hardest – but makes the biggest impact.

Our Approach

Seeking Help Can Be Difficult

We understand that seeking help can be difficult. Often people sit with an issue for a long time before making the choice to ‘see someone’ or engage with a psychologist. Sometimes unexpected events, difficult life circumstances, and other challenges can be so profoundly distressing that it’s difficult to know how to move on, or even where to begin. We understand this.

About Life Resolutions

You inspire us

At Life Resolutions Daisy Hill we are inspired every day by our clients. Many of our clients see us at times that are difficult and challenging, yet we are witness to the levels of strength they need each day to cope. We are fully aware that as psychologists we sit in a position of privilege with people sharing things during sessions that are personal and often difficult to disclose, and we respect this.  The most rewarding part of the job is seeing the change in our clients as they work to improve the areas of their life they were not happy with.

Life Resolutions Daisy Hill is also active in the local community. As a sponsor of the Logan Triathlon Club, Life Resolutions believe in the importance of an active lifestyle and the benefits this has on mental health. Extending on this, Life Resolutions Daisy Hill also works in partnership with Changez gym, Daisy Hill, co-facilitating groups around mental wellness and mindfulness. Principal Psychologist Belinda Bayliss is also a Run Director of Logan River Parkrun, a free 5k timed run event each Saturday. The Life Resolutions Daisy Hill team also actively support local ex-defence force veterans, as well as supporting feeding the homeless, including volunteering on a weekly basis.

With a focus on positive psychology, Life Resolutions works across a variety of issues, including depression, stress and anxiety, relationships of all types, and really anything where change needs to occur. We have a number of psychologists working across a number of presentations. With appointments available weekdays, evening and weekends, accessing the assistance of one of our amazing psychologists is easy. Call 1300 668 256 to book your appointment - It’s good to talk.