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Here at Life Resolutions, we are working towards one goal, and that is by providing effective solutions to any kind of problems. Regardless of how simple or severe your problems are right now, our team at Life Resolutions is more than willing to give you the professional help that you need. We will create an avenue for you to be comfortable in opening up your emotions and issues to our team. All of the issues you conveying to our team will go a long way for us to determine what are your troubles, and how can we possibly inject help. We at Life Resolutions follow the core idea that assistance should be available for people who need it the most; professional help should be something that is easy and convenient for everyone.

Our team understands that because you have problems right now, you feel like other people do not understand you or recognize what you are going through. You might even feel challenged in opening up your feelings to others as you think that your emotions will only become a burden to others. This is the reason why you end keeping everything to yourself – and this is not helpful and can put your mental health at risk. Once you work with Life Resolutions, you no longer have to worry about all of these. Our team of trained psychologists will always be there for you to support and motivate you to become better over time. We have been in the industry for years. We can provide you more than just professional services, but if you want, you can be your friends who will be there for you throughout the entire process.

You might be hindered from doing anything because your problems are weighing you down, but you can feel a whole lot better if you choose to talk to with us. We will create an environment for you which is free from any kind of judgment, and this means that no matter what your problems are, you can be open to us about it. This is our own way of providing solace to you by giving you the assistance that you need, the moment you require it. The moment you open up to us, it will be easier for our team to help you solve your problems.

With the counselling and therapies that we offer, we can ensure that all of your problems will be addressed over time. We will be working hand in hand with you to understand the problem at hand better, and what possible solutions could be appropriate to your lifestyle. We will take the time to know you better so we can also understand why you are acting or thinking in a certain way and how your problems have caused all of them. Our services are tailored-fit to become the solutions to your problems while considering the goals you want to achieve. We will never recommend solutions that are too scientific or too generic. Instead, we will only give you those which are personalized for your needs and wants.

Within 48 hours of talking to us, we will place you with a psychologist tailored to your personal requirements. Regardless if you are going through addiction, anxiety or behaviour issues, a psychologist who is adept can work with you as soon as possible. Once you work with a psychologist fit for your requirements, we can deliver the most effective services for your needs.

A Life Resolutions psychologist understands that everyone is unique and no two clients can experience the same consequences because of a specific problem. This is the reason why our approaches and services are always unique to better cater to the demands of our clients. This is also our way of showing you that our team can go the extra mile just to ensure that your problems are dealt with professionally. We thrive to work with you, study what your problems are and come up with solutions will pave the way for your long-term recovery.

Life Resolutions psychologists are always there for your needs, no matter what it can be. It is our mission to provide you the quality care for your overall health and satisfaction for all of the communities across Australia. We know how it feels like to be aloof from the people around you because you are struggling, that’s why we will do everything that we can to help you. Regardless of your background or issues, we believe that you deserve to live a happy and healthy life – and our services can help you achieve that goal.

Booking Your First Session

Our Approach

By now, you must be curious as to what really happens once you begin to work with Life Resolutions. Along with our services and expertise, our processes are also very easy to follow. If you decide to sign up with Life Resolutions, you can expect to go through the following:

  • Once you dial our number, one of our receptionist will accommodate your call. They will ask you certain information on how you want to be helped. This will allow us to determine who will be the best psychologist to work with you. We will only pair you up with a psychologist who has specialized skills in handling your problems.
  • After your booking, you will be notified through a text message about your first session. This can include details of what time are you supposed to meet with your psychologist, and if there is certain information, you should prepare prior to the session.
  • You can also talk with your psychologist over the phone as one of the preparations for your appointment. This is when the psychologist will give you information about him or herself, and if you have any questions pertaining to the session, you can ask all of these here. But if you have any follow-up questions, you can always give us a call during our working hours.
  • During your first session, your psychologist will create a programme which suits your needs in the best possible way. This will allow you to have an idea of what to expect during your sessions or if you need to book for a second appointment. Remember that the amount of time you need to sit with the psychologist will depend on the gravity of your problem or your availability.

More About Life Resolutions

About Life Resolutions

Life Resolutions is a well-acknowledged psychology service which is spread across different locations in Australia. As our way of extending our services to as many people as possible, we are operating from Mondays to Saturdays. Our team is made up of trained psychologists who have sufficient educational and professional experience in dealing with any issue that you have. Within 48 hours of reaching out to us, we can immediately match you with a psychologist suited for your problems. This is our priority – to guarantee that your needs are met so solutions can be devised as soon as possible.

All of the psychologists at Life Resolutions are fully registered and trained. All of our team will work with you so you can live a healthier, more productive life; one where you can easily cope with different kinds of stressors.

If you are interested to know more about Life Resolutions and how we can help you with whatever you are having issues with, call us at (number here). Let us know what you need, and we will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.