Digital Holiday

Is there “something in the air”?

Everyone seems to be talking about detaching from Technology.

In recent weeks I’ve been seeing a few articles about the idea of keeping the social media and technology in its place, rather than being controlled by electronica

Firstly there was Prince Harry warns of social media dangers then, when I logged into an email account, was a reference to another article about “Being mindful about technology”.

This was on top of a relatively recent experience where I was (sort of) forced for a few days to detach myself from my emails and normal internet. (I’ve never really and chosen not to have access on my phone to email.) This “enforced” partial “digital holiday” gave me the opportunity to catch up on a bit of reading of a (physical, rather than electronic) book, as well as figuratively speaking “stop and smell the roses”.

I also see that my professional association,  the Australian Psychological Society, as part of Psychology Week” (12-18 November 2017) is looking in particular at issues related to use and overuse of digital media, including having an online article about “How to be a healthy user of social media”.

I have some years ago also read an interesting book “Hamlet’s Blackberry” by William Powers. According to the National Library of Australia’s “Trove” database of library holdings across the country it is in 64 libraries’ the book is in various libraries across the country. He talks about “The conundrum of connectedness” and how being constantly “connected to technology” means that these devices “…also impose an enormous burden, making it harder for us to focus, do our best work, build strong relationships, and find the depth and fulfilment we crave.” To quote the book cover.

As Powers says in the book, it can be useful to take a break from the technology.  This is a suggestion also made by Australian writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone has also written on this subject and I quote him in one of my “Refrigerator Quotes” (handouts for putting on the fridge or elsewhere as a reminder) where he was quoted in an a newspaper article talking about needing to “switch off” from time to time.

Sort of like the idea in this sign seen in an eastern states coffee shop a few years ago.

So this could be a bit of a challenge – Go out for coffee or a meal with a friend (or friends), and keep the electronica switched off for the whole duration of the time you “Catch-up”.

If you do find you have a problem doing this, perhaps you might want to look at a book like “Caught in the net : how to recognize the signs of Internet addiction and a winning strategy for recovery  by Kimberly Young .  Although a few years old, it is in a number of public libraries.

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