Life Resolutions Founding Story

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Director of Life Resolutions- Jodie Brenton

Life Resolution’s psychological practice founded by current CEO and director Jodie Brenton in 2001, attempts to provide support for psychologists in the private practice sector.

In essence, Life Resolutions attempts to establish a network of like-minded psychologists and mental health practitioners, wishing to develop a nurturing and compassionate delivery of counselling services to Australian’s in need.

Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions

Aided in her efforts, Jodie was helped by Mary Magalloti in establishing the network in 2001. She provides hands-on experience running her private practice and a wealth of psychology knowledge to be used as a foundation.

Mary has a belief built into Life Resolutions that by removing redundant and unnecessary tasks from psychologists concerning the day to day business operations, there will be additional time for the treatment of clients.

Life Resolutions Counselling Services.

Together, Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton are in sync in their company mission to increase the quality of life for patients and clients. Life Resolutions achieves this belief by the unwavering pursuit of a psychological network where professional and effective psychological treatment can be easily accessed.

To view Life Resolutions Essendon, and the founding psychologists in more detail head online now.

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