Who We Are

Life Resolutions Doncaster | Consulting Room

The Life Resolutions Doncaster Practice is a new and growing psychology practice thriving on serving the Doncaster, Doncaster East, Box Hill,
Blackburn, Balwyn North, Templestowe, Bulleen communities.

We are centrally located in the Renshaw Street Local Centre, Doncaster East, on the corner of Weatherby Rd, 500 metres from the Eastern Freeway, where Middleborough Rd becomes Weatherby Rd.

Our experienced Psychologists and Director Jodie Brenton provide counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy covering a range of issues and mental health concerns in your area.

The practice has been established by the principal Psychologist Peter Murray, a General Psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience in private practice, including rooms in complementary health centres and medical centres.

Life Resolutions Doncaster is co-located with other health care workers at Donvale Chiropractic Centre, a light and airy wellness hub at: 80 Renshaw St on the border of Doncaster East and Doncaster.

To make an appointment call 1300 668 256 and speak with our Client Relationship Team.

How We Work

Even if you have some idea of how counselling works, making that call to book an appointment can be challenging. 

That’s why, after you book in with our friendly Client Relationship Team, your Psychologist will call to introduce themself so you will have a chance to briefly touch base before your first meeting.

When you arrive at the consulting rooms, please introduce yourself at reception and fill out a registration form in the comfortable waiting room that is shared with the clients of other health care workers.

Your Psychologist will then take you along the hall to the consulting room. The first meeting is set up so your Psychologist gets a good idea of the reason you have come in. It provides the opportunity to collect some of the background information needed to develop your personal, unique plan of approach to what you want to get out of these consultations.

We are all good listeners and have a lot of experience at formulating an approach suited to your individual needs.

Getting started is always a big step. Your openness, honesty and completeness during this initial consultation will provide the best start for what is a very important and collaborative working relationship.

Why We Do What We Do

Most of the problems people experience are variations of ‘the human condition’. That is, life can sometimes be difficult! But once you are able to live the life you want and be the person you want to be, life just naturally becomes healthier and happier.

A core understanding in psychology is that the therapeutic relationship is all important and vital if your Psychologist is to serve you best.

It will help to find the combination of therapeutic approaches best suited to your individual needs and it will help to find the inner strengths and resources that you have.

It will involve making decisions together about how often to attend consultations, what to discuss, and what to do between meetings. Ultimately it is always your choice of what is in your best interests.

Our mission at Life Resolutions Doncaster is to provide you the right support and the care you need.
Book an appointment today on 1300 668 256.