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Body Image- don’t let it ruin your mental health

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Body image issues are a common problem that often is best addressed through a combination of healthy eating, exercise and a realistic appreciation of yourself. A little self-love goes a long way.

Today’s social media promotes unrealistic body images. Of those of you who find it difficult to not get caught up in comparing yourself to these impossible, unnatural standards, some can experience low self-esteem and poor confidence that may lead to depression, anxiety, anger, self-consciousness and even self-loathing.

Poor body image can also result in avoiding social situations, which can interfere with developing healthy social and romantic relationships.

When to call

You should seek professional help when you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight range, whether you are gaining weight or losing weight.

You may have recognised that you:

  • Worry about how other people see you
  • Are troubled by your eating patterns
  • Struggle to start or to maintain your weight loss or weight gain
  • Have had a low mood or low self-esteem due to your weight
  • Say mean things to yourself.

Some of the risks of poorly managed weight are social discomfort, despair, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases; such as heart disease, stroke, or high blood pressure.

How we can help

Some people are slow to ask for help because they feel responsible and that they are the only ones who can change their situation. That doesn’t mean they have to it alone. A psychologist has a lot of know-how on how to go about things like this.

Here at Life Resolutions Doncaster, we know that setting a smart goal and developing a plan that suits the individual person are two important steps that a psychologist can help with body image counselling.

And psychologists are the experts at helping you address underlaying issues and create new habits.

In addition, your psychologist at Life Resolutions Doncaster can liaise with other health professionals if you want. For example, a doctor could assess whether there is a medical condition involved and a dietician could review your nutrition. This will be important for some clients when other things are out of balance along with your weight.


A psychologist can help you sort through all the information you already have about your weight problem – thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, and your experience of what works and what doesn’t – to help you put together your plan.

Hypnotherapy, which is therapy done in a state of hypnosis, may help some people to solve problems and enhance self-esteem, clarity, motivation, patience and positive outcomes.

Professional understanding

If you’re interested to know more about body image counselling, give us a call today. Our team is ready to help you get back on track with your weight goals so you can live a happier and healthier life.

At Life Resolutions Doncaster we understand that weight management is seldom straightforward or something that happens easily or overnight.

Life Resolutions Doncaster has a psychologist who is understanding, empathetic and non-judgmental. We commit to working with you to reach your goals.  Book your next appointment today and gain the support you need to succeed. Call now on 1300 668 256 and let our psychologist at Life Resolutions Doncaster help you!





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