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Anxiety Disorders

If you tend to feel anxious whenever you’re asked to do a presentation during one of your weekly office meetings or speak at an engagement. Then, you can take comfort in the fact that everyone has experienced anxiety at one point or another in their lives. After all, anxiety is one of those holdovers from the times of our prehistoric ancestors; when they had to face situations that are more life-threatening compares to what we mostly experience these days. But if your anxiety is occurring more frequently than you think it should. It’s already affecting your routine, we at Life Resolutions Doncaster can provide you with personalised treatment that’s right for you.

How Is Anxiety Disorder Different from Plain Anxiety?

You might find yourself loosely interchanging the terms “anxiety” and “anxiety disorder” as the latter doesn’t usually pop up in your typical casual conversation. However, anxiety disorder is way different compared to regular anxiety. Some of the things that make an anxiety disorder different from plain anxiety are as follows:

1. Anxiety disorder occurs even in situations where most people don’t experience any anxiety at all.

For someone to become anxious, there has to be a certain trigger incident that makes it happen. In the example stated earlier, the stressor that led to anxiety happening to you is when you were suddenly asked to speak in front of a group or an audience.

  • However, if you’re currently suffering from anxiety disorder, you may feel anxious even in situations that don’t warrant the said feeling at all like paying your bills or washing the dishes.
  • To make things worse, you might also find it difficult to pinpoint what exactly is causing you to get too unnecessarily anxious.

2. Someone with anxiety disorder feels anxious for weeks or even months.

To use the earlier example again, you might have initially felt anxious when you need to speak in front of a group or an audience, but much to your surprise, you somehow made it through your presentation or speech.

3. An anxiety disorder can leave several physical and mental ill effects on you.

As you were giving your presentation or speech while you’re suffering from regular anxiety, you may have found yourself drinking a glass of water to soothe your nerves, but that’s usually the most you might get after feeling anxious for a while.

4. Anxiety disorder makes you completely avoid doing all the things that make you anxious.

After you’ve finished your presentation or speech, you may have realized that you’ve got the knack for public speaking. You may even want to do more of it as you’re completely sure that you won’t feel as anxious anymore the next time you speak in public.

How Can Psychologist Anxiety Doncaster Help You in Anxiety Management?

While anxiety disorder places a greater toll on your mental health compared to anxiety alone; you can take comfort in the fact that it’s completely treatable. Our psychologists, counsellors, and therapists at Life Resolutions Doncaster would be able to recommend the right kind of treatment that works best for you. From cognitive behavioural therapy to prescribing antidepressants as needed. The mental health professional assigned to have anxiety counselling Doncaster. We lend you a helping hand and an ear once you visit our office or call us right away.

Anxiety Counselling Doncaster

It’s completely normal to be anxious from time to time. After all, your anxiety might even get you out of a situation that could cut your life tragically short as it serves.  Your built-in warning system informing you that something’s amiss with your usual routine. However, that same anxiety can turn into a heavy burden that you might find difficult to bear in the long run. Instead of trying to pretend like everything’s fine even when it’s not. You would want to seek help from any of our mental health professionals at psychologist anxiety Doncaster. We can treat your anxiety disorder so that it won’t get in the way of living a normal life.

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Where is Our Anxiety Disorders Service Located?

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